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RARE Bicentennial No Mint Mark 1776 1976 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin-FREE SHIPPING


This Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar Coin is a great addition to any coin collection. The coin was minted in 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States. The front of the coin features a portrait of President John F. Kennedy while the reverse side features an image of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This particular coin has no mint mark and is in circulated condition. It is a perfect gift for any coin enthusiast or history buff.

RARE 1776-1976-Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar 50 Cent Coin


This Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar 50 Cent Coin from 1976 is a rare and valuable addition to any coin collection. With its circulated condition, it holds a piece of history that cannot be replicated. The 50C denomination and silver composition make it a unique piece of currency, representative of the United States during the bicentennial celebration. This Kennedy coin was struck as a business strike type, and remains ungraded and uncertified. Its modified features are nonexistent, staying true to its

Rare 1966 50C 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar With Obverse Die Crack. Must Have


This high grade 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar is a rare find for any collector. This 50C coin features a unique obverse die crack, making it a must-have addition to your collection. The coin is composed of 40% silver and 60% copper, and was struck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has a business strike type and was produced in the United States. The coin features the iconic Kennedy design and is in excellent condition with a great luster. Add this rare 1966

Rare Kennedy Half Dollar 40% Silver Coin


Mint struck over 200 million coins for this issue making it very common. However, due to this one year Type design many collectors pulled these coins from circulation. Some saved them as conversation pieces or many times setting them aside believing that they have some significant value. However, most examples in circulated grade are really common and only worth face value. Even some coins in Uncirculated grades up to about MS63 can still be pulled from circulation. Examples in MS64

1997 RARE SILVER Kennedy Half Dollar-Wobbly errors read description MINT


1997 RARE SILVER Kennedy Half Dollar-Wobbly errors – read description MINT. Patches of lipstick are rather dispersed on a 1997-P half dollar. Affected areas include Kennedy’s cheek, eyebrow, base of neck and two spots in his hair. These are the highest points of a normal design. Sunken die (die subsidence) errors will alter the normal array of high points and concentrate them in one area. The face of Kennedy also appears smaller compared to regular coins. You can see that

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