1968-S Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Gem Brilliant Uncirculated Proof


The 1968-S Kennedy Silver Half Dollar is a Gem Brilliant Uncirculated Proof coin that is perfect for any collector or investor. With its stunning design and silver composition, this coin offers a unique aesthetic and potential for long-term value appreciation. Add this coin to your collection today! This coin has never been in circulation. The striking is the same as if has just been minted. This level includes coins which are graded from 60-70 on Sheldon grading scale. 1968-S Kennedy

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar No Mint mark 90% SILVER US Mint Coin Proof Nice


This 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is a must-have for any coin collector. Made of 90% silver, it has a proof strike type and is certified by the U. This coin is uncirculated and has no mint mark. Not only is this coin a valuable addition to any collection, it also has unique aspects that make it even more special. It features a doubled die reverse and doubled die obverse, adding to its rarity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to

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