1998-S Kennedy SMS Half Dollar PCGS SP69 Matte Thomas Rogers Signature, Rare


This rare 1998-S Kennedy SMS Half Dollar is a stunning addition to any coin collection. With a matte strike type and Thomas Rogers signature, this uncirculated coin boasts a fineness of 0.9 and a grade of SP69. The coin was minted in San Francisco, United States, and comes with certification number 42924024 from PCGS. Featuring a denomination of 50C and composed of silver, this coin is a must-have for Kennedy enthusiasts and coin collectors alike. Don’t miss your chance to

High Grade Mint State 1976-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Rare Bicentennial


Year and Design: 1976-S Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar. This coin commemorates 200 years of American freedom, featuring the iconic profile of President Kennedy. This coin exhibits superior quality and exceptional mint luster, placing it among the elite specimens of its kind. Material: Struck in silver, adding a layer of collectibility due to its precious metal content. Collectibility & Value: The Bicentennial series is popular among collectors, and a high-grade example such as this is particularly sought after. It’s a valuable

Kennedy Half Dollars (31 coins) 40% Silver 1965 Lowest Mintage of Clad


YOU RECEIVE THE EXACT 31 COINS PICTURED. SEE MY STORE FOR MORE. This set of 31 Kennedy half dollars is a great addition to any coin collection. These coins are made of 40% silver and were minted in Denver in 1965. You can see pictures of the coins to get a better idea of their quality. They are ungraded and uncertified, but still make a wonderful gift for any coin enthusiast. The coins are circulated and have a business strike

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR68 Accented Hair Variety


Just back from the grading company! This 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is a must-have for any coin collector. The coin features a beautifully detailed Accented Hair Variety design and has been certified by PCGS with a grade of PR 68. The coin is made of 0.9 fineness silver and was minted in Philadelphia in 1964. The denomination of the coin is 50C and it is part of the Kennedy series of half dollars. Certification number of 49380850. The strike type

1776-1976-D Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar Independence Hall Collectors Coin


This Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar Independence Hall Collectors Coin is a rare and valuable addition to any coin collection. The coin features a doubled die reverse and doubled die obverse, making it a unique and sought-after item. The coin is struck in business grade and is made of copper composition. The coin is uncirculated and ungraded, but its value is not diminished. This coin was minted in the United States in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Independence Hall.

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