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1976-S 50C Silver Kennedy Half Dollar


Mint in a 3-Piece Bicentennial Mint Set for that year. Additionally, this is also a one year Type coin as the reverse design was changed in 1977. In 1976 the Mint also struck three different circulation strike Kennedy Half Dollars, along with two different Types of Proofs. The other two circulation strike coins produced were the Clad 1976 P and D mint mark Bicentennial Half Dollars. Since the Clad 1976 P and D mint mark coins went into circulation, they

1971 40% Silver kennedy half dollar no mint mark


This 1971 Kennedy half dollar is a beautiful addition to any coin collection. Made of 40% silver, this coin features a proof-like strike type and a doubled die obverse variety. It is uncirculated and has no mint mark, adding to its rarity. The denomination is 50C and the year is 1971. This coin was minted in the United States and is a great investment opportunity for any coin enthusiast. Certification is currently uncertified, but the coin’s exceptional condition speaks for

2xROLLS, 20 SILVER PROOF Kennedy Halves /1 roll all 2006-s, other assorted dates


These are 2 x FULL ROLLS of 20 SILVER PROOFS. First roll is solely 2006-S Kennedy Half Dollars from APMEX. The second roll consists of 20 SILVER PROOFS with 15 x 2003-S, 4 x 2008-S and 1 x 2001-S, also from APMEX. Both rolls minted in San Francisco. The composition of the coins is silver, and are uncertified. These coins are a great addition to any collection, especially for those interested in Kennedy half dollars. Don’t miss out on the

2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver Coin Collection. Perfect


2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver Coin Collection. These coins are in Gem Proof and Enhanced Uncirculated Condition. Blast White Coins with NO toning or spots. All 4 coins are made of 90% Silver and are absolutely beautiful. This is a 1 owner set and never passed around at coin shows. All original package from the U. Put these coins in your collection today! Would make a great addition for that Kennedy Half-Dollar Collector. Pictures are of the exact set

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