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20 Kennedy 90% Silver Half Dollars 1 Roll ALL 1964 Limited Supply FREE Shipping


See the photos of this nice lot of 20 silver half dollars that I didn’t realize I had! I found a few of these in my storage unit but have more than I need. Hence, the reasonable price. 1964 was the only year that circulating Kennedy halves were 90% silver. All are nice coins with no problems. Some coins have wear and some are uncirculated. The coins you see in the photo are the ones you will receive. These for

1974 NO MINT 50c Kennedy Half Dollar


This 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar coin is a highly sought-after collector’s item. It features a unique design that sets it apart from other coins in the series. The coin has circulated and is in good condition, making it a great addition to any coin collection. It was struck at the Denver Mint and has not been certified, and is ungraded. The coin is made of silver and depicts President John F. Kennedy on the obverse. The reverse features an eagle

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar no mint mark


This 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is a must-have for any coin collector or history enthusiast. With a composition of 0.9 fineness silver, it features a detailed image of President John F. Kennedy on the obverse and the seal of the United States on the reverse. The coin was struck in Philadelphia and has a denomination of 50C, making it a valuable addition to any collection. This circulated coin is ungraded and uncertified, making it a unique and affordable piece for

Lot Of 7 Kennedy Silver Proof Half Dollars Lot. 7 Coins Total As Pictured


This is a lot of 7 Kennedy silver proof half dollars, all of which are uncirculated. The coins have a denomination of 50C and are composed of 0.9 fineness silver. They were struck in San Francisco with a proof strike type. The years of the coins vary and are not limited to a specific year. The KM number for these coins is 202c and they were not certified. This lot is a great addition to any coin collection.

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