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1964-D Quad 50c Kennedy SILVER Half Dollar Uncerulated Off Center Error Coin


This 1964-D Kennedy half dollar is a rare find for coin collectors. The coin is composed of silver and is uncirculated, making it an excellent addition to any collection. The denomination is 50 cents and the coin was struck in Denver. The strike type is business and the coin is ungraded. The design features President John F. Kennedy on the obverse side and the presidential seal on the reverse. This particular coin has an off-center error, adding to its uniqueness.

1964-D 50C Silver Kennedy Half Dollar DOUBLE DIE OBVERSE OLD ANACS HOLDER MS65


This 1964-D 50C Silver Kennedy Half Dollar is a rare find with a Doubled Die Obverse variety. It has been graded MS65 by ANACS and comes in an old holder. The coin is composed of clad with a fineness of 0.9 and was struck in proof. Its KM number is 01 and it has a certification number of 463146. This uncirculated coin has not been modified and bears the mint mark of Denver. It is a valuable addition to any

1964-D Silver Kennedy Half Dollar


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